Tuesday, February 19, 2013
by annaferhanna @ 12:48 AM

Told myself not update this little space till March but this cant wait.
We're finally done with FYP guys!!!!!!

I remembered how people blatantly said that my team can never make it because of the progress that we were making. Even Mark was doubting the whole idea and kept telling us to keep a back up plan for the event and i'm like urrr.... But look, we actually pulled through and gained so much more. I mean at some point of time, we all had our fair share of ups and downs and i secretly admire all of you putting up with all my shit. And no, i'm not going to hold grudges or plant any form of hatred to anyone or whatsoever because i love you all the same and that my current graduating semester would be such a bore without you girls.

Cheers to success, the laughter and tears for i'll never regret being in the same team as you girls 

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